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John and Pat with Truck

Vintage Awl

Quality. Reliability. Dedication. These adjectives not only describe their product, but the way they do business as well. Customer loyalty is earned by meeting commitments as well as expectations. John and Pat make it their goal, every time.

Vintage Razor

As skilled craftsmen, they made a natural team. Tired of sacrificing quality for expense, John and Pat knew the only way they could control a project was to be in charge. So, after working together for three years, they began JP Country Builders; a fully insured and licensed/registered company. Experienced builders dedicated to quality work, and relentless customer service. Guaranteed.

Vintage Clamp


A diverse background in carpentry has kept John in demand and busy in the building industry. A former Sargent in the U.S. Marine Corps, his dedication and perfection are trademarks of his craft.
But then again, quality craftsmanship is a tradition in the Yacawych family. John’s father has over 40 years experience in both residential and commercial construction. For over 10 years, John apprenticed with his father and now carries on the tradition of quality work through JP Country Builders.

Vintage Level


From tradeschool to present day, teachers, colleagues and clients will tell you, there is one tool to describe Pat Collin. The level.

For seven years, Pat worked as a residential remodeler before going on his own. Pat’s experience and outstanding reputation make Patrick Collin Custom Builder thrive for nine years. As the building boom of the 80’s took off, Pat found himself heavily recruited by a local builder/developer. He became a valued field foreman known for his honesty and expertise. That same honesty and expertise goes to work for you every time you hire JP Country Builders.